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Lost your wallet on your last trip again? You bear wild rock’n’roll concerts better than your wallet? Hell, then it’s time for a reasonable aquisition! The wallet chain “Let go anchor” keeps your wallet from unwanted side trips and scores with a solid workmanship and a unique 3D anchor. Hold fast!
Tough anchor wallet chain for your rock’n’roll outfit.

The anchor-theme is rooted in seafaring. It wasn’t only some fancy ink for the sailor’s arm to impress the ladies in the quayside bar. No way! The anchor tattoo had to be earned. The story goes that it should be worn only by those who crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Going back to this tradition the anchor nowadays is still a symbol for going tough through life’s rough sea. On that note: safe your wallet with this chain and even the roughest sea won’t separate it from you!

Back in the 50s, wallet chains were a fashionable gimmick for rockabillies, teddyboys and bikers. Wallet chains are not only a cool accessory, they fix your wallet wherever you want. You won’t loose it, no matter if you are on a wild party or on a swift joyride. Made of massive brass, this model saves your belongings and hangs pretty comfortable due to its heavy weight. The huge 3D anchor, which is built into the strong chain is the very special extra: its size and detailed design are without equal. The Rumble59 logo and “Hold Fast”, both engraved into vintage brass color complete the awesome look. Excelsior-cushioned in a beautiful printed cardboard box, it’s waiting to start its job as your companion.
The convincing details of the “Wallet chain – Let go anchor” at a glance:

Material: massive brass
Colour: vintage brass
Length in total: approx. 56 cm
Size of the anchor: approx. 6 x 4 cm
Weight: approx. 234 g
Industrial grade fastener
Packed in cardboard box


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