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Schmiere – Dr. Corvus Vital Set


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Rumble59 – Schmiere – Vital Set. Balm for hair and throat – Brewed on old galenic formulation.

Shortly after Prof. Dr. Med. Corvus won all of his academic degrees in a poker game, his marvellous carreer as a quack doctor began, making him not just rich, but also the originator of the world-famous “Schmiere”-Pomade.
The broke to the bone quackster travelled without any success through all small cities between Memphis and Nashville until he wake up one morning from his opium flush with a greasy vision in the back of his mind. One quick look into his inventory showed a stock of combs that he bartered for moonshine liquor with the Sioux, some grease for the settlers’ wagons on their challanging quest to the west, a sack of some cheap and indefineable powder – pressed into the shape of an oval pill.
He quickly packed all of it into small sets and hawked it to the wondering village folks. The Doctor knew that pomade and pills would sell a lot better than cheap grease and noxious cabbage, so he became very creative by naming his product “Vital Set” and soon a real bestseller was born.
What is a high grade range of products today, began as an infamous charlatanry east of the Mississippi 150 years ago. But it was only after 100 years since the death of Prof. Dr. Med. Corvus, his two grandsons were able to whitewash the reputation of “Schmiere” by using only premium ingredients.
This fantastic Vital-Set of Prof. Dr. Med. Corvus comprise:
the new “Schmiere”-Hairbalm
a comb from stainless steel
a small box of peppermint pastilles.

The strength of the hair balm is similar tothe medium hardness degree of our popular “Schmiere-Pomade”. It has a mint-green colour and a fresh peppermint smell. Along with knuckle duster comb . The peppermint pastilles are from suger-free peppermint.

Hair balm:
Content: 60 ml



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