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“Schmiere” (read: shmeereh) means “grease” in german

“Schmiere” – for sophisticated ladies – for your “feathers” always staying gorgeous and keeping their shape!
Finest hair pomade from Rumble59

Pomade only for guys? No way! Rumble59 takes care of girls too! We developed a special “Schmiere” for girls, which includes this particular shot of “Sh-Boom”.

The “Schmiere” comes along in an extra big can with 140 ml!!
Made in Germany

The “Schmiere – for girls ” has a medium hold. Its colour is rose and it smells irresistibly like strawberry-vanilla-icecream! – mmmmhhhhh.
Its creamy and medium consistency is perfectly suited to shape normal and thick hair. With this “Schmiere” every hairstyle looks perfect, it get this special brillance and stays compable as well. Even thick and unruly hair could be tamed and gets this irresistible smell!
Once applied on the hair the “Schmiere” holds the whole day long without getting hard-dry. While making your hair hold all day long it stays flexible at the same time.

Rumble59 Schmiere – For greasy guys and sophisticated ladies!
The medium Schmiere for girls at a glance:
*medium hold
*Colour: pink
*Smell: strawberry-vanilla-icecream
*Content: 140 ml
*comic leaflet “How to use Schmiere” included
*Made in Germany


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